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Spring Sports
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Welcome to spring sports 2021

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The Bridlewood Community Association (BCA) is disappointed to announce that we will not be moving forward with the Spring Sports programming for the 2021 season. Organizing a small volunteer operated sports league is a challenging endeavour in any given year (pre-pandemic), as such, there are just too many hurdles to clear (OPH program preapproval, strict health, and safety protocols/guidelines, finding coaches, etc.) and operational risks (further restrictions/lockdowns, risk of unforeseen COVID infections, etc.) to operate a volunteer-run sports program.

We will continue to prepare for the next Spring Sports year by investing in more equipment and marketing materials for the 2022 program.

 This was not an easy decision for the BCA to make, however, we feel this is the best path forward at this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

 Remember to be COVID Wise:

W – Wear a mask or face covering where required, or when youcannot maintain a physical distance of two meters (six feet).

I – Isolate yourself from others when you are sick (and get tested immediately if you have COVID-like symptoms).

S – Stay two meters (six feet) apart from those outside your household or your chosen social support person(s).

E – Exercise proper hand hygiene; wash your hands regularly or use sanitizer especially before touching your face.


Please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up to date on BCA activities and information.

Please take care and stay safe.

Thank you for all your support of the Bridlewood Community Association.


Mark Kozlowski

President, Bridlewood Community Association

 Working with you to make our community a great place to live, work and play!”

The sports offered and the evenings they are played are (subject to change):

  • JK Soccer (Wednesday)
  • SK Soccer (Wednesday)
  • Junior Soccer: Grades 1-2 (Friday)
  • Intermediate Soccer: Grades 3-4 (Monday)
  • Senior Soccer: Grades 5-6 (Thursday)
  • JK/SK T-Ball (Monday)
  • Junior Coach Pitch: Grades 1, 2 & 3 (Wednesday)
  • Intermediate Coach Pitch: Grades 4, 5 & 6 (Tuesday)
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Grades 7-9 (Tuesday)

      The program begins the first week of May (weather permitting) and runs for 8 weeks. All sports begin with a practice at 6 pm and the games begin at 6:30 pm. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Children must be supervised by a parent or authorized adult at all times. 


      Overall Objectives of the Spring Sport Program:

      • Emphasize safety and fun first!
      • Help young athletes develop coordination, a sense of teamwork and teach the fundamentals of the sport.
      • Recognize the important contribution that sports can make to our children and our community.
      • Afford families a chance to get to know other Bridlewood families in a relaxed, fun, outdoor setting. Make new friends!
      • Reinforce the True Sports Principles as part of the culture supported by the BCA, the City of Ottawa and local schools.
      Coaches Corner

      General Information

      Once again, thank you for volunteering to be a coach or assistant coach in the BCA Spring Sports Program. 

      Equipment and jerseys for all teams will be provided during the Coaches Clinic on April 19.  If you have questions or if you have equipment that needs repair, please contact