Spring Sports – what and when

The sports offered and the evening they are played are:

  • JK Soccer  (Wednesday)
  • SK Soccer  (Wednesday)
  • Junior Soccer: Grade 1-2  (Friday)
  • Intermediate Soccer: grades 3-4  (Monday)
  • Senior Soccer: grades 5-6  (Thursday)
  • JK T-Ball  (Monday)
  • SK T-ball  (Monday)
  • Junior Coach Pitch: grades 1–2 (Wednesday)
  • Intermediate Coach Pitch:  grades 3-4  (Thursday)
  • Senior Coach Pitch: grades 5-6 (Tuesday)
  • Ultimate Frisbee:  grades 7-8   (Tuesday)

The program begins early May and runs for 8 weeks. All sports begin with a practice at 6 pm and games begin at 6:30pm. Reminder: Children must be supervised by a parent or authorized adult at all times.

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