Volunteer Co-ordinator Committee

Volunteer with the BCA

The BCA is always looking for energetic and motivated volunteers to help us make Bridlewood and even better place to live, work and play.  We will meet with you to discuss your interests, skills, and availability and work with you to find the volunteer opportunity that suits YOU!  We are always happy to provide Community Service Hours to High School Students.  To register as an occasional volunteer with the BCA, please contact Susan or Lisa at volunteers@bridlewood.ca

Current Volunteer Requirements:

Committee Chairs:

  • Communications Committee contact Margaret at sports@bridlewood.ca
  • Residential Membership Committee – contact Mark at pres@bridlewood.ca

Street Reps:

  • The backbone of our community, street reps talk to their neighbours about what is happening in the BCA and bring information back to the Executive of what is happening on their street.   In addition, street reps can organize street parties and set up email lists as desired.  Street reps are encouraged to attend monthly General meetings and any street rep meetings or Coffee Klatches, if possible.  For more information, contact Charles Bouck at streetreps@bridlewood.ca

Rink Coordinators and volunteers

Our outdoor rink program (rink map) is only successful due to the dedication of our volunteers.  All of our rinks now have their own water sources so volunteers can work according to their schedules and when the weather is most conducive to making ice.  We are always looking for more volunteers to help with this fun and satisfying project.  Please contact Allen Bursey at rinks@bridlewood.ca for more information or to volunteer.  We offer community service hours to high school students.

Rinks with boards:

  • Bluegrass Rink – volunteers needed
  • Huntsman – volunteers needed
  • Mattawa – volunteers needed
  • Meadowbreeze – volunteers needed

Rinks without boards:

  • Black Tern  – volunteers needed
  • Sawyer’s Meadow – Coordinator(s) and volunteers needed
  • Scissons – Coordinator(s) and volunteers needed
  • Shetland – Coordinator(s) and volunteers needed
  • Stonemeadow Parks – Coordinator(s) and volunteers needed

Spring Sports Program

Our very successful spring sports program requires many volunteers for everything to run smoothly.  Although the children won’t be on the fields for many months yet, planning is already underway.  All families participating in the spring sports program are expected to assist with some aspect either organization, coaching, managing or other duties.  Please contact Lorraine Pigeon at springsports@bridlewood.ca for more information.  Volunteers are required immediately to help with:

  • communications – both emails and phone
  • field bookings
  • advertising and promotion
  • equipment purchasing
  • amending coaching manuals

Committee Members:

Miscellaneous Activities

Do you have any skills or expertise that you would like to share with the community?  Please let us know what you like to do and we will work with you to find an opportunity with the BCA.  Ideas could include:  French translation, gardening, fitness, sports, etc.  Please contact Mark at pres@bridlewood.ca with your ideas.