Spring Sports Coaching Manuals

Coaching Manuals (last update –  April 17, 2015)

Before you begin, read through the True Sport Principles which will help you in your planning and preparation.

********** SOCCER **************

JK Soccer COACHING manual All Stations

JK Soccer –  Activity Stations (teams will rotate through 5 stations each week):

Senior Kindergarten – Soccer Coaching Manual

Drill ideas for young soccer players

Grades 1&2 – Soccer Coaching Manual

Grades 3&4 – Soccer Coaching Manual

Grades 5&6 – Soccer Coaching Manual

******  BASEBALL ********

Junior Kindergarten T-ball – Coaching Manualcr40028baseball

Senior Kindergarten T-ball Coaching Manual

Drill ideas for young baseball players

Grades 1-2 coach pitch manual

Grades 3-4 coach pitch manual

Grades 5-6 coach pitch manual

****** ULTIMATE FRISBEE ********

Grades 7-8 Ultimate Frisbee – Coaching Manual          frisbee


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