Outdoor Rink Committee

The Bridlewood Community Association is pleased to sponsor 9 outdoor rinks in our community.

Outdoor Rinks Map

This winter, our nine inground water source rinks will be:

Rinks with boards: Bluegrass, Huntsman, Mattawa and Meadow Breeze Parks.

Rinks without boards: Black Tern, Sawyer’s Meadow, Scissons, Shetland, and Stonemeadow Parks.

Meadowbreeze Park has a new permanent boarded rink being constructed and we will begin flooding as soon as there is enough snow for a base. We hope to have it ready as soon as possible, but first need 15 or more centimeters of snow to pack a snow base.  We will soon need extra volunteer help with snowblowing, shoveling and flooding from the surrounding neighbourhood.

Choose a rink that is close to you to help snowblow, shovel, or flood, and email us at rinks@bridlewood.ca to assist with planning for this coming winter. The more volunteers we have the easier it is for everyone, especially with snowblowing and shoveling after each snowfall.

We are in great in need of volunteer help with our Stonemeadow, Scissons, Shetland and Sawyer’s Meadow Rinks.

You can contact us! Select Outdoor Rinks as the recipient.