Corporate Memberships Committee


takes care of our corporate members and helps coordinate event sponsorships. We stay in touch with our corporate members and look for ways to involve them in our activities, including inviting them to introduce their business and provide useful and interesting information at our meetings.


takes care of our residential members, answering questions and assisting them with signup online or in person at regular meetings and other events. We develop ideas and strategies for increasing our membership and also work together with our corporate membership committee.

To learn how to join the BCA as a regular or supporting member, click here.

Both of these committees need your help. To find out more please fill in the contact form and select “Membership” or “Business” from the pull down menu.

Not a member yet? Join now by filling in the on-line form, contacting your street rep, joining in person at a regular meeting (third Tuesday of every month), or complete and mail the new member form.

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