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ewasteGarbage GuerrillasSpring 2015 News Release

Roaming Garbage Guerrillas are set to invade the streets, parks and pathways of Bridlewood this summer!  Families and individuals are invited to register and participate in this grass roots program to Keep Bridlewood Clean.

T-shirts featuring our brand new Bridlewood “Gorilla” logo,  a garbage picker, plastic gloves and garbage bags will be available to individuals and families who register as Garbage Guerrillas  this spring, beginning Tuesday, April 21, 6:30 p.m. at Eva James Community Centre.  

With burgeoning homes and strip malls in Bridlewood, litter has  increased dramatically over the past years. The Clean the Capital initiative does an excellent job of spring and fall clean up, but unfortunately the trash proliferates  again within a week. Increased foot traffic and outdoor consumption of drinks and snacks over the summer months leaves our streets and roadways littered with candy bar wrappers, chip bags, coffee cups, Styrofoam cups, and endless other varieties of garbage.  The problem is especially notable on roadways which do not have housing frontages, on pathways,  in bushes and wooded areas, and in parks. There is also some garbage that blows away from recycling bins on garbage pick-up days. 

Our goal is to make Bridlewood trash free and make it a healthier,  greener and more pleasant environment for all who have chosen to live and invest in this community.  It is anticipated that a focus on keeping the community clean will help to raise awareness of the litter problem in an organic and natural way.   When people see their friends and neighbours working to clean up, those who have taken liberties may start to consider other choices before tossing that Tim Horton’s coffee cup out the car window.  Another important purpose of the program is to educate our children about the necessity of becoming responsible for their own trash. Those who pick up trash regularly become acutely aware of the problem it’s creating and sometimes are motivated to invest in re-usable cups so as not to contribute further to the problem. 

Individuals and families are invited to pick an area where they walk frequently, and using a picker or gloves, simply pick up trash regularly. This can be done on daily walks or as a family outing on a weekend.  

  • Note that there is no limit to, or minimum size for the area you choose to maintain
  • There is no concern about overlapping territories if others choose the same area. 
  • There is no formal obligation or commitment; no one will be held accountable for their territory in any way as this is strictly a volunteer activity. Therefore, no arrangements need to be made if you are going on vacation. 
  • Trash can be placed in any city garbage bin.  If there are clean, recyclable items you wish to take home and put in a blue or black bin, you may do so, but much of the garbage is dirty and wet. If it just gets off the ground and into a trashcan, that is sufficient for now. 
  • Garbage Guerrillas are not asked to pick up dog waste or cigarette butts. These are also major pollutants but those issues need to be addressed in other ways, targeting the individuals responsible. 

Some individuals are already self appointed “Guerrillas” but didn’t know it!  We hope you will come out to register and take advantage of a t-shirt, some free equipment, and recognition of your efforts. . All registered participants will be invited to a recognition event later in the summer with additional rewards. 

Registration dates are at the Bridlewood Community Association meetings on April 21 and May 19, 6:00-7:30 p.m.  Contact Charles at for more information.






We are starting an initiative to clean up our community on an on going basis and need community volunteers and committee members. We are looking for individuals, families, schools or other groups to choose a public space, roadway, path or park near them and clean it up at their convenience.  We will provide gloves, garbage bags and garbage pickers.  Please come out and visit our information table at the BCA BBQ on Saturday June 28th to help us name the committee, find out more or to sign up.  Contact Charles at for more information or to join the committee.

Map of Bridlewood

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