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The Bridlewood Community Association 2015/16 Executive


Executive Member Bio
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Mark Kozlowski, President


I have been a Bridlewood resident for over the past 14 years and I’m very proud to call Bridlewood my home. I am very excited that I have the opportunity to raise my son in this great community. I have had the privilege to previously be part of the BCA in different roles and I am very happy to take on the role of President. I am extremely proud to call Bridlewood my home because it is a great place to live, work and play.


Lorraine Pigeon, 1st VP

Lorraine Pigeon has been the Spring Sports Coordinator since 2015 and is now the Bridlewood Community Association’s 1st Vice President. She is a resident of Bridlewood and currently works at Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre. You could say that giving back to the community is in her blood. She is fluent in French and thinks that she can order the right kind of meal in a Spanish restaurant (as long as the meal consists of tacos and margaritas!). In which case, she is great at Italian as well.Lorraine believes in the Golden Rule – treat others as you would like to be treated. It is in that spirit that she hopes to bring joy and respect, and a listening ear to every activity that she is involved in. Hopefully your encounters with Lorraine will be as pleasant as she hopes them to be. If you see her walking around the neighbourhood, wave hello! She might think you’re weird but she’ll still wave right back!!!


Marc Favreau, 2nd VP


Gillian Sullivan, Treasurer

 Bridlewood resident since 1990, and raised three children here. I’ve enjoyed watching our community grow and mature, and love to explore the glorious woods surrounding our neighbourhood. Now retired from the federal public service, I’m glad to be giving time to the community. I also volunteer as a tutor and board member for English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community (ELTOC).

Secretary, Brenda Merkley

Brenda Merkley, Secretary

I have been a resident of Bridlewood for 20 years and have served on the Executive of the Bridlewood Community Association for the last 10 years. I have seen our community change dramatically over the past decade and I consider it a priviledge to have been part of the positive changes we have seen in our community during that time. I, with the rest of Executive, strive to continue to make Bridlewood a great place to live, work and play. A sense of community is what we are all about and I urge residents of the Bridlewood community who believe in bettering our community to join us working toward this goal.



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